Starknet mainnet

Stark Voice

Decentralized Voting Platform on Starknet

Welcome to our innovative Decentralized Voting Platform, a cutting-edge system designed to empower users by providing a secure and transparent way to participate in decision-making processes. This platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure trust, transparency, and efficiency in voting on various proposals. This platform will primarily be available to Starknet.

Supported Features

What is Stark Voice?
Decentralized Voting Platform on Starknet. It supports Time-Bounded voting, Permissioned Voting, Token Weighted Voting
Time-Bounded Voting
Our platform introduces time-bound voting, adding an element of urgency and efficiency to the decision-making process. Users will have a designated timeframe to cast their votes, promoting swift and timely resolutions.
Permissioned Voting
Our platform implements permissioned voting. Only users with the required credentials (tokens) will be eligible to participate in specific votes, ensuring that only authorized individuals contribute to decision-making
Token Weighted Voting
The use of tokens as a voting mechanism adds a layer of fairness and representation. Users holding a certain number of tokens will be granted a corresponding number of votes. This token-per-vote system ensures that individuals with higher stakes have a proportional influence on the outcome.
User-Friendly Interface
Our user interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that even individuals unfamiliar with blockchain technology can easily navigate the platform. This accessibility encourages widespread participation in the decision-making process

Upcoming Features 🚀

User Hooks
Users can opt for email notifications for voting results when voting is over. User can also invite another user via email to vote on proposal.
Arbitrary Code Execution
Users can define a external internal contract to be called once voting ends. For example, sending funds to a dedicated party based on proposal output.
Support different-different gated models
User can add whitelist addresses for voting.